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Friday night DISC sessions

by Carl Brewer last modified 2013-10-03 07:12

All about them

On Friday evenings aboc, combined with the Blackburn Cycling Club, runs a training session at the DISC velodrome in Darebin. 

This session is split into three groups.

  • Novices to DISC
  • Sprinters
  • Endurance riders


Novice training starts at 6pm sharp, Sprint starts at 6:30 (roller warm up, on track at 6:45pm, BYO rollers) and endurance starts at 7 (on track warmup).  We expect that you will be at DISC at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your warm up.

It costs $15 for senior riders and $10 for juniors to attend, bike hire if necessary is an extra $10.

The sessions are always published in advance so you can see what the sprint and endurance groups are doing.  Sprint is by prior arrangement or invitation, you can't just show up and join the sprint group as sprint drills do not scale well to large numbers and we are limited in the number of sprint athletes we can cater to.  Sprint is a niche discipline and the drills done are very sprint specific. Carl Brewer runs the sprint and novice programs, the endurance program is run by a Blackburn endurance coach. By default casual attendees will do the endurance stream. Enquiries about joining the sprint program should be directed to Carl via email as per the contact information at the bottom of this page.

We require that before you attend the endurance or sprint streams that you complete at least one novice session or have a coach or club official confirm that you are safe to ride at DISC in a mixed training session.  We expect that riders training with the endurance stream are able to do the following and have demonstrated this at DISC :

  • Roll turns in a bunch
  • complete a 1/4 lap powerjump/rolling acceleration
  • Ride a flying 100 line
  • ride around the top of the track
  • Do a held and a gate start (basic competency)

Senior, J17 and J19 riders are expected to be able to change their own gears and have a range of gears suitable to their age group.  Typical warm up is 82" (49x16) or 84". Sprint warmup is always 82"

Sprinters must be competent at following a motorcycle at speed.

Novice sessions commence on track at 6pm sharp and the group is very small, we have a coach on the track with novices at most times.  Novice riders need to be at DISC by 5:30pm for a briefing and to arrange any hire bikes.  Bikes can be hired from DISC.  Hire bikes have pedals with toe straps and may not be used with cleated shoes, we recommend a solid pair of runners or mountainbike shoes.  It is not permitted to replace the pedals on the hire bikes with your own pedals. We require that newcomers to the novice session let us know you are coming, by email to

If you are bringing your own track bike we recommend the following tyres :

  • Veloflex Record
  • Vittoria Diamante Pro lite
  • Vittoria Diamante Pro Pista

The Vittoria tyres will need to be sanded prior to use. If you're not sure how to do this, bring your bike, some coarse sandpaper and some elbow grease and get to the track early so we can help you do it.

Some other tyres are suitable but many road tyres, in particular the Michellin Pro-Race series tyres, are not suitable as the timber surface of DISC does not work well with these tyres and we don't want you to crash.



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