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DISC is back!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2012-05-28 23:47

We've been busy ...

DISC will reopen this weekend (maybe Thursday night for Northcote racing?) - some trivia :

While it was closed we (me and some volunteer helpers) sanded the red line almost entirely off, and then the lines (black and red) were repainted with a matt acrylic paint, not the slippery gloss that it was. The duckboards are still slippery as is the blue line, but the red and black are a lot better.

We've sanded and filled a lot of divots, Hilton and I did the filling, myself, with Jayne and Nic did the sanding and a lot of vacuuming.

We've been busy!
(it still leaks ... but in different places ...)

Our DISC Sunday sessions start again this Sunday.  w00 h00!


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