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On my birthday, Vanders and I went BMXing

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Sorta BMX anyway .. neither of us have a BMX ...

Not long ago, when dropping off a DVD or 5 at the local DVDory, I noticed a little BMX track, and noted it for future reference.  Finally, Vanders and I had a chance to get down there to ride it.  We're both wusses on jumps, big time.  Scared, chicken etc ... You name the insult, it fits! We'd ride jumps in skirts if they made them big enough .. Anyway!

Hot day (37 degrees was the forecast, and I'd believe it), lazy afternoon, time to try the park out.  We drove(!) to Cycle Science to pick up the big Trek Fuel EX8, and Vanders had his Generalised Rumphumper or whatever it is, and down we go.  The park is about the size of a quarter acre block.  A mound, a few berms, some little jumps etc.  Nothing too drastic. Good for clueless gumbies. We had fun for about an hour and a half before getting tired and wanting dinner. Here's photos :

vanders jumps at the local bmx track

Vanders getting some early air

carl jumping at the local bmx park

The calves of a lazy sprinter

vanders almost falling over on the jump

Vanders almost came a cropper, tired, not concentrating ... almost ...

the big fuel ex8 can fly!


Yeah, I really should get around to taking off the reflectors, but it's still a demo bike at the shop, so they stay for a little longer.

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