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Level two

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At last!

In November 2009 I started the level two coaching qualification.  On the 15th of December 2010, I received notification that I'd passed.  I'm now a level two cycling coach (specialising in track sprint!).  w00t!

People I need to thank :

Hilton Clarke and John Beasley for mentoring me and providing the opportunities I've had to concentrate on track sprint.

Lucie Akers for her love and support.

Tammy Ebert and Josh Sear for encouraging me and providing support and council and a career path with the NTID, which I would never have dreamed possible.

Dino and Emily Apolito for trusting me and being part of an amazing journey, which is only just beginning.

All the guys in Hilton's NTID & VIS squads for being patient while I stumbled around for the first 6 months of assisting Hilts - I don't make anything like as many mistakes as I did when I started.  Still have LOADS to learn, but this is a great place to be.

The champagne is on me!

A beautiful morning

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Dino, Pat and I rode around in circles a bit ...

 We're both on low 80's - I was on 50x17, Dino on 49x17.  Chasing the bike at the end of a training session.  Good times!


Ergo sessions to move?

We're considering running Summer Spin at the Powerhaus

After a pleasant meal devouring many chickens at our favorite chicken-cookers last night after training, a few of the crew discussed Summer Spin, strength work and venues.  Specifically, we thought, as number at Summer Spin are low (as they should be, it's off-season for ergo) we might run them in the Powerhaus instead of at Blackburn.  Same time, but different venue. 

We'd still run our winter ergo sessions at Blackburn (I can't fit 20+ people in the 'haus, or provide parking and it would be bad for the Blackburn club to move it also).

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, if you're one who comes to these sessions or you might be.

Please let me know.



Tonight's ergo

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What Em wants, Em gets, to a point ...

6:10  E1 5 min
6:15  2 x 6s HCLR:1
6:20  20s HCRS (80) r/up 5:110 5:135 10:160+
6:27  20s RGRS (80) r/up 5:80% 5:90% 10:100%
6:34  25s HC-1RS (80) r/up 5:110 10:130 10:160+
6:41  30s HCLR r/up 10:120 10:140 10:max
6:48  6s BGRS (seated)
6:51  6s BGRS (seated)
6:53  10s HCLR

Dino, Em and I are doing that tonight in the 'Haus.


Vacuous truth

Taubes, again, is asking good questions

As sprinters, we risk getting fat a lot more than our chronically undernourished enduro cousins. I've banged on about this a lot over the last few months and have some success at dropping weight (fat!) over the last 12 months.  As I've mentioned, I did it by basically following the logical conclusion of reading Gary Taube's Good Calories Bad Calories (ie: ditch the simple carbs).

Gary's just written a new blog entry that I enjoyed (thankyou Lisa for the heads up!).  The vacuously true 'we get fat because we overeat' observation (true, but useless!) gets looked at in the article.  Have a read, it's good stuff.

Should I rejig the aboc website a little?

We're still top of the Google tree, but I wonder if I should change things a little?

I'm now pretty-much exclusively coaching track sprint these days.  I have a couple of enduros, but my main focus and development is with sprint.  The main entry pags of the aboc website talks about enduro.  Nathan looks after most of the enduros these days for aboc.  Should I change the emphasis on the main aboc page to reflect our sprint program more?

Your thoughts?

Thank you

Everyone that made round 3 a success

For personal reasons I couldn't do much at round 3, but my team proved themselves and it was a big success.  Thank you in no particular order to :

Dino, Anne, Nic, Krissy, Jodie, John, Pat, Alex and Sue for her support.

It was a top day for sprinting, some really good, close and safe racing, some PB's, some improvements and a lot of fun.


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