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Blackburn AGM

by Carl Brewer last modified 2012-05-11 02:55
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I had a Wednesday off ... so we went to the AGM

No fights, which was good!

Anyway .. Brian Harwood fed me a Dorothy Dixer, to which I replied, or at least the gist of my reply was :

"If a kid wants to specialise, or anyone, for that matter, let them.  Sprint, hills, TTs, whatever - let them make their own choices and try to provide pathways to support those choices."

Not everyone agrees, that's fine.  This is a big world and it would be very boring if we all agreed.  BUT we have to disagree without being disagreeable.

I'd like to thank, in particular, Rob Montheath who stepped into the club secretary role and did it for four years at Blackburn.  It's a monster job and Rob did it very well, thank you Rob.







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