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A new PB

by Carl Brewer last modified 2012-02-05 05:41

At last ...

A long long time ago I posted that I wanted to ride 12.5 for a flying 200, not a terribly ambitious target, but for me, I though a pretty challenging one.

Today, at the Vic Masters, I clocked 12.428s.  I certainly didn't expect to go that fast (ok, slow, but for me, that's fast!) - I'd been in Adelaide for a week, doing nothing, had done some longer efforts on Friday night, generally about the worst preparation you could have - but there you go.  Goal achieved.  That makes 2011-2012 a successful season.  I won a couple of rounds of the SSS (r1 and r2, B grade), rode a target flying 200, and there's still a couple of rounds to go.  Peak power is still down, but that's on its way up again, slowly.

Got to be happy with that!

The guys did well today, I'll pop up a few photos that are already on facebook of the team, but there's a haul of medals of every colour (including my bronze in MMAS3 for coming 3rd/last).

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