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by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-07-25 09:44
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The things you learn through casual conversation

A few quiet beers, and the company of other sprint coaches.  You can't document it, you can't really quantify it.  I wrote in a previous blog entry, and in The Book, about sprinters being isolated and that extends to sprint coaches.  We're a very rare breed.  If you're a sprinter, you might have a dozen or so compatriots, if you're a specialist sprint coach, you might have two or three, and chances are they're interstate or overseas.

So here I am in Adelaide, and I've roomed with Clay Worthington (WAIS sprint coach) and now with Sean Eadie again, and while we've spent some very productive time looking over each other's notes and programs etc, I think the biggest value has been talking sprint philosophy, and also just the general "you are not alone" side of it.  My ideas about sprint training buck the old school, often I feel quite isolated and wonder if I'm just plain wrong, but then I spend a night with Sean and we thrash out ideas and concepts and we're meshing on so many levels, I start to realise that I am not alone, and there's others, with proven track records and a genuine pedigree, who agree with (and inspire!) what I'm doing with my guys,  This is not to say that I'm not learning lots from Hilton, but that the chance to swap ideas with Sean and Clay and if I get the chance, with Westy, is worth so much, but is so hard to measure.

I'm rambing, but this time I'm spending here is immensely valuable.  Thank you to Josh and Hilton for giving me this opportunity. 


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