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Urethane and Blackburn this Sunday

by Carl Brewer last modified 2011-01-20 18:12

No DISC this Sunday, it's too late!

Just a quick one today, we were thinking of doing training at DISC on Sunday at 8:30pm, but I had insufficient interest to make it worthwhile, so we'll be at Blackburn instead, at 4pm (sprinters, 3:30pm please).  And just to further mangle the English language, James Dann and I spent a considerable chunk of today fixing holes in the track at Blackburn.

We've experimented a bit, we used a urethane filler to fill some big holes, including the dinner-plate sized patch in front of the clubrooms right in the sprinters lane.  The concrete patch that Snake Salsibury put in in September had started to lift so we bashed it out, turned the used concrete into chunky aggregate and then mixed it in with urethane putty.  we covered all our patches in fine sand to try and get some even traction, it'll be interesting to see if it works - the urethane is quite flexible, it may be too much so, but we'll test it out before Sunday to be sure.  If it's too soft we'll have to rip it out and use concrete again.  Time will tell ...

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