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Level two

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-12-16 04:55
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At last!

In November 2009 I started the level two coaching qualification.  On the 15th of December 2010, I received notification that I'd passed.  I'm now a level two cycling coach (specialising in track sprint!).  w00t!

People I need to thank :

Hilton Clarke and John Beasley for mentoring me and providing the opportunities I've had to concentrate on track sprint.

Lucie Akers for her love and support.

Tammy Ebert and Josh Sear for encouraging me and providing support and council and a career path with the NTID, which I would never have dreamed possible.

Dino and Emily Apolito for trusting me and being part of an amazing journey, which is only just beginning.

All the guys in Hilton's NTID & VIS squads for being patient while I stumbled around for the first 6 months of assisting Hilts - I don't make anything like as many mistakes as I did when I started.  Still have LOADS to learn, but this is a great place to be.

The champagne is on me!

It's only just begun

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2010-12-14 22:49
You've can see the mountain-top now big boy. Go for it.

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