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SSS in Sydney

by Carl Brewer last modified 2010-05-03 18:26

They even called it the same (acronym) name!

Check this out :,181.0.html

Yep, the folks up in Skiderknee copied our series, right down to the acronym.  They called it the Sydney Sprint Series.

This is a Good Thing, but also a little disappointing in a way.  It would be nice (polite etc) if Paul Craft had told us he was doing it.  We have a long term plan for the series to integrate it into some sort of national series (similar/same rules etc at the various locations it can run at) and I think it would benefit all of us (sprinters, and wannabe sprinters) if we work together on this stuff.

Paul, I'm very easy to get in touch with ... Just in case you or any of your minions stumble onto this blog post.  Let's work together with this and make it something bigger.


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