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The track PowerTap is coming

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-07-14 21:22
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We've got one of the first of the new generation PowerTaps with a track bike hub coming

There won't be many of these around.  Rich Sawris from has designed and made an updated adapter for the new current generation PowerTap hubs to work with track bikes.  He made one up for the early wired PowerTaps (Liz Randall has one) but the newer designed hubs needed a radically different setup.  We've got one of the new ones on order.  These are not currently available from the Australian PowerTap distributor (Trek Australia) which is unfortunate so we're having to get it from Rich.

It will be laced to an Edge Composites 68 clincher rim.  This is so we can quickly and easily swap the wheel from use at DISC, where we'll have a Veloflex Record on it, and at Blackburn or any other outdoor track where we'll run a more robust and generic road tyre.  The Edge 68 is a really stiff and aero rim, not the lightest around, but not a clunker, so it'll be usable for racing as well as training.  Not a cheap bit of kit, it's going to end up costing around $2,700 I think, all up, but a very useful piece of training equipment.  It's around half the cost of an SRM track setup and a lot faster to switch between bikes.   It will be available for hire when we have it.

Powertap Wheel

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2009-07-14 21:36
I take second dibbs on the ride after you have!!

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