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Tonight, 1500 watts? One can but try ....

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-04-28 03:32

Trying to get more power tonight

I've just finished a medium set in the 'Haus, 5 x 5 squats at 155kg (backoff weight) and then a set of 10 140kg deadlifts. Right now I'm refueling as fast as I can, I've hit high 1400 watt peaks over the last two weeks, the aim is to get 1500 if I can, at tonight's spin session.

I spent some of today designing a logo for the aboc Sprint Squad and trying to find a t-shirt printer that does online small orders.  Cafe Press does it, and you can see the basic shirt and logo here.  The killer is the current exchange rate and postage.  A $20 shirt ends up at about $40.  The Australian sites I found don't have as good online design pages.  If anyone has any suggestions, please send 'em on through.

My copy of Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" DVD arrived in the mail today too, so I've been watching it while working.  It's got some great instructional stuff about all the core lifts we do in the 'Haus, the squat, the press, the benchpress, the deadlift and the power clean.

Time to pack the rest of the stuff for tonight! Tonight's bolla sauce is a ripper.  I'm hungry!

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