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A pretty good Friday

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-04-10 20:54

Riding, paddling ... sweet

Alex Vaughan and I took the MTB's for a blat along the Yarra Trails from Fitzimmons Lane (Westerfolds Park) to somewhere along there and back again for a 2 hour ride in the morning.  It was his first 'real' MTB ride and he had a ball, and so did I on the big Fuel EX8.  He had his new Cannondale Furio (lefty) and it's safe to say he loves it!


View Yarra Trails tootle in a larger map


After that, we took a couple of kayaks for paddle down the Yarra, from (again!) Westerfolds/Fitzimmons Lane down to a park at the bottom of Westerfolds.  Not a bad way to spend the day!

Today's a relaxing day, but I'll be in the 'haus later, lifting heavy - it's a strength phase for the next while.  The aim being to get up to squatting 5 x 5 at 170kg by June.  Today's goal is 5 x 5 @ 157.5kg, I did 5 x 5's at 155kg on Wednesday and did them reasonably well, so I expect the 157.5's won't be out of reach.


View Fitzimmons Lane kayak in a larger map



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