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The last sprints for summer

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-03-29 21:34

Round 6 is this coming weekend

The last round of the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series for 2008-2009 is this Sunday.  After that I have a few weeks off and then we start the spin sessions on Tuesday nights and DISC sessions on Sunday evenings in late April.  I'm pretty happy with how the summer has gone, we've had good attendances at the BSSS and great racing and I think we're looking good for it for next summer.  I had a brief chat with Mal Sawford and we may run a round at CCCC next summer to try and involve them a little bit as a step to making the series go statewide in a year or three.  My dream is to have a state (and national?) sprint series so as to foster the growth of track sprinting in Victoria and Australia.  From little things big things can grow ... We'll see how that pans out over the next couple of years I guess. 

For now the growth we had for this past summer was good, and I think we may be close to a critical mass of riders interested in racing this format, which means we may be in with a chance.  If Andy White would come along it'd be brilliant, and the V-Train has promised to come to the last round this year too...

One of the things Alex Vaughan and I discussed on the drive back from Hotham was madison racing and the possibility of a madison series next summer.  Like match sprinting, it's a niche, and one that maybe we can dig into a bit to build it up.  It's another of those branches of the sport that don't reach down from elite levels much, and maybe that's something else we can change.  The Blackburn AGM is coming up soon (although you wouldn't know it from the BBN website! There's nothing about it there, maybe we can put something on Carnegie's site ..) and we might raise it as an idea at the AGM once the new committee is in place.  It'll be up to Alex if he wants to make it happen as I'm too busy with the match sprinting but if he can put together a small organising team I reckon it could be a good thing.

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