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In the end we didn't do too badly

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-03-15 23:07
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At the club teams championships at DISC that is

The official results :


Carnegie Caulfield No 1 51.91 1st

Brunswick No 1 52.06 2nd

Brunswick No 2 53.92 3rd

Carnegie Caulfield No 2 54.80 4th

Blackburn No 1 56.61 5th

Brunswick No 4 56.82 6th

Brunswick No 5 57.09 7th

Brunswick No 3 57.72 8th

Brunswick No 6 58.47 9th

Preston 59.31 10th

Blackburn No 3 60.04 11th

Blackburn No 2 60.11 12th


So we did ok, 5th by not much, given the bad start I got next year we may be in with a chance for some medals, if we can find another 3 seconds somewhere anyway. We were at least the fastest of the Blackburn teams!

One thing's for sure, Brunswick have a very strong track presence in masters racing.

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