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Feeling shakey

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-03-10 16:29
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Yesterday I was supposed to train with the lads at 8am at Blackburn, we got there and I tried to warm up, but no go, my legs felt like two bags of dry cement.  So I ran the session and did the motorbike work and then went home.  In the afternoon, the plan was to lift heavy if I felt up to it (you have to be motivated to lift heavy!).  Nope.  Hot, sweaty and feeling very flat.  Lucie & I went down to Baxter to have dinner with my Dad, and I kept feeling flat and lethargic.

Today, I think I know why.  Got a virus!  Or at least, a headcold or something.  Pete at the LBS had it last week and that may be where I picked it up.  Hopefully it'll clear before this weekend, when we have the club teams championships in at DISC.  We don't have the teams yet (Nicko!  Who's in the bloody team?!).  So a soft week this week, I get to put off lifting the 165kg for a few days yet! I'm going to see how I feel this arvo for our (Bev & I and whoever else shows up) regular Wednesday night tootle.  I think an hour of E1 noodling will be ok.

Hotham's coming up soon, payments are trickling in and we have a healthy crowd coming this time. It's good!

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