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Round 5 rapid report

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-03-01 06:23

A few wins at last!

A dog-slow F200, 13.85s confirmed my suspicions, I was busted from Saturday's efforts.  Even my warmup squats in the Powerhaus in the morning had felt lethargic.  C'est la Vie.

I'm up first against Rob Tidey, and to cut a long story short, I won it by a very very tight margin.  Wow ... Unexpected. Rob went on to win the grade.

Second race is against Chris Dann, who is on a bender at the moment and he wins it. He went through the rounds undefeated but lost in the final to Rob.

Third is against Julian Vince, I shut the door hard on him and take another win.

Two wins! I'm in the finals!  Three of us in B grade tied on 12 points and my bad F200 time means I'm racing Peter Vlahos for 3rd overall.  Over 3 laps .. against a pursuiter who beat me in the F200.  Heh ... Anyway, he jumps 2 laps out and wins, I never caught him.  Still, very happy, a good day's racing. We raised $683 for the Red Cross and everyone left with a smile after some fantastic racing.

Will write a proper write-up tomorrow.  Bed time.  Broken tonight, everything hurts!

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