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Martin Lama, just too strong

by Carl Brewer last modified 2009-02-21 04:17
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I set a PB, but Martin was too strong

Today's club champs.  MMAS2 (35-40).  I set a new PB in qualifying with a 13.37, my previous PB at Blackburn was a 13.44, good, especially with the gusty southerly blowing.  I qualified 2nd in MMAS2 after Martin Lama, who rode a 13.1-something I think - it was quite a bit quicker than me anyway.

The format for the day is a bit brief, we get a straight out final for 1st v 2nd place, 2 laps, not best of three.  Ok.  That probably suits me anyway, Martin's a lot fitter than I am so more rounds would give him more advantage.

We ride out, Martin winning the toss and leading low down.  I go up the hill at the clubrooms, he comes up covering me, then he accelerates down into the lane before the 200m line on the first lap, not really a kick, just a (noticeable!) increase in pace, and it's on.  He's leading me out for almost two whole laps!  Right ... I'm camped on his wheel into the big headwind, he keeps speeding up, ok .. I'm still here.  The bell rings, I'm still camped comfortably on his wheel, I might just get this one.  The clubroom corner, he's increasing pace but still no real big surge, the 200m line again and it's time I went, I come off his wheel and we're side by side at the end of the back straight, I've got a nose in front at the halfway point at the southern bend, but he lifts just a touch more and I can't match it, going the long way round him, and with 50m to go he's got a bikelength and that's how it stays to the finish.  Awesome ride, given the monster leadout he could just keep on at that tempo, and he's got the gold and I'm taking a silver in MMAS2 again!  I'm pretty happy, we had a good, close race and my F200 was the best I'd ever done.  Martin was just too good.

Dino and Mick Thomas raced for MMAS4 1st and 2nd, and Dino took it, Emily won the JW15 500m ITT and the sprint after qualifying fastest by almost a full second.  A good day for the aboc crew.

Tomorrow Lucie & I are going kayaking!


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