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No wins again!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-12-07 22:22
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But not unhappy ...

BSSS round 3 ... windy when I did my flying 200, I caught a gust just as I came around the top bend in the windup, and managed a 13.68s (52.6km/h).  Not my best at Blackburn, but my second best time there ever, which considering the unfavorable wind I was happy with.

Regular rounds, I drew Robbie Verkes and Adam King and the bye .. I was guaranteed a win (the bye!).  The others ... maybe ... Robbie rode a fast F200 (13.58s) despite using the most unusual line I'd ever seen a rider use for a flying 200, he didn't use the bank at all, so he was quick, and crazy!  Anyway, he beat me soundly and the last 200m for that race was a 13.12 and I was never  in it.  That's a time that would have had Robbie firmly in A grade if he'd done it in qualifying.  When he uses the bank properly he'll be up in A for sure!  The BSSS is a learning experience for all of us. He's got a great turn of speed.

Against Adam I had more of a chance.  Adam had already raced Glenvale in the morning and while not a newbie to match sprinting, he's still learning a lot of the rules and tactical stuff.  We've had a couple of races against eachother and they've all been very close and a lot of fun.

Adam had qualified a smidge slower than me (13.82s), through the series I've always qualified a little faster than Adam, our races have been close, and he's won all of them.  Today .. I'll try and surprise him.  I win the toss, I'll lead it out ... Knowing he'd be tired and I had a bye next, I went very early, just as we came to the southern bank as he was above me I dived down the hill (about 500m out at a guess), but I dived too steeply and had to backpedal a little to avoid running off the track into the infield.  Bugger!  On the video below you can see this at 35-38 seconds in.  There goes the gap I hoped to open up, now it was a case of can I hold Adam off at the last bend?  The short answer, no, but it was pretty close. Adam got me by half a wheel in the end I think, and the last 200m was done in 13.75s, which was pretty good given how early I'd gone to full speed. The reason for going where I did was that there's two places the lead rider, if lower on the track, has an advantage, and that's where the bank starts.  The higher rider has to go uphill more, and if the jump is timed well and catches the high rider unawares, the low rider gets an advantage. It's generally used into the second last corner, ie: at Blackburn with about 280m to go, but I chose to go a lot earlier for reasons above.  Worth a try and if I'd not fluffed the jump it may have paid off.

That was me for the day then, as I'd drawn the bye no chance for another race.  C'est la Vie! I wasn't bored, commentating was my other job and that's always a lot of fun.  My dad came along and took photos and that was good too.

Adam and Robbie went on to race for the B grade first place, and Adam won it, so I can say I was beaten by the two riders who were the best B graders on the day!

Dino had a bummer, he did a PB in qualifying again, but that meant he was the only 13s+ rider in A grade, and he tried his heart out as always, but it wasn't enough this time.  Emily and Krissy had some good races, Krissy not quite on the pace this week and Em took a clean sweep (3:0), and the other aboc'ers all had fun and learnt lots.  Round 4 is in February, so we have 2 months to train for it.  This week, I'm slacking off for a couple of days before getting back into strength work.


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