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Round 1 of the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-06 01:19

Phew ...

Round 1 was an amazing success.  You can read my race report for it here.

How did I go?  Not too bad, I qualified mid B grade with a 13.80 (52.2km/h) which I was quite happy with, a new PB at Blackburn (beating the 13.88 which I set the week before at the practice round).  So that's good ... in the rounds, I raced Neil Robinson, who gave me a drubbing with a great jump I was too slow off the mark to react to, Adam King beat me by a whisker in the throw after taking a very high line. I should have won that one, Adam made it very hard for himself, and I managed to stay in front of Dale Reith (Dale had already raced at Glenvale that morning) for a win for the day. Not into the finals, with just the one win, but still pretty pleased, and today (Monday) legs on strike.

The best thing was seeing how well all my people went, having Richard come back to racing was great! The Big Ox got a win, Dino rode A grade and was far from outclassed, Merv & Karen, Alex and Marika, and Em and Krissy entertaining us between rounds. Not to mention Mick Thomas in A grade and Mason Austen, who'd ridden Glenvale that morning and is training for the Warny, having a red hot go.  Just a brilliant day in the end.  Thilled to bits!

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