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Southern vets join CA!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-09-30 01:04
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Fantastic news! Sanity!

Cropped directly from the CCCC website :

Southern Vets vote to join mainstream cycling
Sep 29 2008
Mal Sawford

SVCC will become a Cycling Australia affliated club


At a special general meeting on Monday night, Southern Vets members voted overwhelmingly to change affiliation from the Australian Veterans Cycling Council to Cycling Australia.

And in their own words :

In probably the most far reaching decision taken in its thirty three year history, the club last night (Monday 29th September) voted at a Special General Meeting to change its affiliation from the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC) to Cycling Australia (CA). The result of the poll was that 91% of members who voted decided to support the change of affiliation

The change of affiliation will not affect the manner in which Southern’s events are held. Races will still be held under the popular ability grading system, apart from the usual age categories at Club Championships

What will change are the opportunities for members to access more and varied racing with other CA clubs eg racing at Sandown.
SVCC members will be able to race at Sandown on Tuesdays and Thursdays, time trials at Kew Boulevard; CSV masters events and much more, all on your SVCC licence.


This is fantasic news.  It's a step towards the vets/masters and the rest of the cycling racing community working together more closely to improve racing for all of us. SVCC riders will be able to race at 'our' events without having clubs double-dipping into their pockets, including track and the combine racing will, I'm sure, improve for it.  Now, Eastern Vets ... will you guys see sense too?  Not everyone likes the news, some maybe just fear change?  I'm struggling to see any negatives from this if it's handled well by CA.


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