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Blackburn velodrome repairs

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-09-29 04:07
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My day today - helping CRS fix our velodrome!

This morning (today, all of it!) I spent at the Blackburn velodrome, assisting (feeding, giving beer to etc!) the guys from CRS who were fixing the two big cracks in the track.

I won't bore you with the details, save to say that it was a privilege to watch a master concreter at work, and the CRS people were very professional and did a great job.

Photos of the job are here.

I'll be back there first thing tomorrow to take the signs etc off the track - I hope no-one nicks the signs or vandalises the concrete overnight ....

Real concreters?

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2008-09-29 05:26
I don't see anyone with a hanky on their head, no loaves of pasta dura bread stuffed with prosciutto, cheese and olives, nobody that even looks like they're names could be Pasquale, Vito or Giuseppe.

I thnk you were duped. They aren't real concreters.

I'm paranoid

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-09-29 05:27
That's it! I'm going to grab my laptop and head down there tonight to sit on the porch and shoot trespassers!

So here's me, paranoid ...

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-09-29 08:48
Knowing it's just paranoia ... I stop in at the track at 8ish, quick scan, it's all as I left it.

I duck down to the local Indian to grab some takeaway to keep me warm for my redneck porch sitting session ... when I get back (10 mins, maybe 15) there's two cars parked, ok ... and my witches hats have moved ... hrm ...

Grab the torch... two dim figures poking around at the new concrete!


After a chat, it turns out they're a couple of triathletes who were about to have a training ride. No cultural generalisations will be made ... No, you can not ride here tonight! I think they trooped off to the mellodrome or Packer park after we had a brief discussion (while my dinner was going cold ...) about possible training venues.

Rest of the evening is uneventful, sitting on the porch with a lappy until about 10:30 when I call it quits for the night. The concrete by now is pretty hard - you'd be able to ride over it I think without damaging the surface although a determined vandal could still probably manage a scrape with a tool of some sort.


Posted by Dino Apolito at 2008-09-29 18:19
Hey at least you caught up on your whittling and you'll be good for toothpicks for a while

I did dun shoot me some road signs, paw!

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-09-29 20:10
Went down this morning to put all the barriers etc back in the clubrooms. The 'crete is untouched! No 'wazza woz ere' etc .. excellent

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