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Last DISC for 2008

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-09-28 08:11

We just had our last DISC Sunday Sesh for 2008!

A good turnout of riders and a few spectators for the last session for this winter (next Sunday is round 1!).

After watching the last bit of the HCC 'Sunday Roast' and some of their riders having a go at some match sprints, we did our usual 20 min warmup/last 10 laps becomes a scratch race of sorts, I attacked hard very early (6 or 7 to go) to break things up as we had a large bunch and I wanted it smaller to make it safer for everyone.   Dino hung me out to dry, but Mason came to the rescue after 2 laps of my being a long way off the front, but I'd done my dash and sat up and watched them, my grenade had destroyed the bunch and left it a lot safer for all.  Mason and Dino fought it out and I think Mason got it by a whisker in the end?

Emily and Krissy had a match sprint, doing some very aggressive riding high on the bank, Krissy threw some good hooks at Em but Em held her ground and it was a thrilling 1cm win to Em, to even the score up.

Then we did motorpaced 3 rider (low gear, high cadence) 6 lap efforts, with each rider rolling off the front after a lap, and each group of 3 riders getting three runs, so every rider ended up with one effort behind the bike as a last lap 'hang on for as long as you can while the bike goes faster'. 

After that high cadence flaying, the same groups of three had 4 lap scratch races (everyone was on little gears) to give them something to take home after the night's work.

We finished after that with a warmdown rolling turns, and I managed to slip in a couple of very short sprints during the warmdown to at least get a little bit of riding (the motorbike doesn't really count!). I'd done a very easy tootle with Bev this morning out to the 1:20 for the Blackburn time trial (my job at these is startline holder) and said g'day to a few friends and watched Shane ride the perfect ITT for him, 14:30 or so, 380 watts averaged for the 7km. He's flying! Then I was lazy and got a ride home, before doing a weights session, so not a totally lazy day, despite spending most of the DISC session twisting the wrist on the CSV motorbike pacing everyone!

Off to Nandos for dinner, mmmm, chicken and chilli....

Thanks for the memories

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2008-09-28 21:54
I would like to thank Carl for a very well run session and some great training at DISC over the winter.

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