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Dino gave me a caning!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-09-25 01:43

Training this morning at DISC .. ouch!

Dino and I took an opportunistic hour and a half to see if we could turn our legs into mush this morning, and we did!  I did, anyway ...

We warmed up, did two flying 200's, and then two match sprints.  Dino's ripping DISC up with his F200s, while my first one was ok-ish (13.75s, 52.4km/h) my second was rubbish (13.9s! 51.8km/h ....) - keeping this in perspective all my times are dog-slow, 20080925 slow f200wouldn't qualify me for anything except 'fat man on a bike' on youtube!  Anyway ... You can only work with what you have ... The HRM did record 55.9km/h during the second F200,  I must have faded badly towards the end of the effort. It felt fast, it just wasn't.

Then our two match sprints, I led the first one and kept pulling Dino down off the bank every time he tried to go up it, and I wound up gradually and took the first one comfortably.  We sat down and rested, and Shane Perkins rolled up to train,  he looks strong ... Then it was our last sprint, Dino's turn to lead.  I want to control the race, and I sweep up the bank at the start of our second lap, he lets me get ahead and above, not by a lot, but enough to trip the 'here's my chance-o-meter' and I take it... it's a very long way to go though, I get the jump and 20080925 match sprint vs dinolead him, clear into the lane by a few lengths, I think I got a gap but wasn't sure, my mistake being to back off a little assuming he was on my wheel when he might not have been, and then try and go for a second kick on the final bend.  Alas, the second kick was not to be found as my legs and lungs simply refused to move any faster and Dino timed his run to perfection, winning the second sprint by a tyre width.  That hurt ... (not the being beaten, the 2 lap sprint!).  Ohhh, that really really hurt! We both rolled around gasping for a couple of laps, Perko paying no attention to these two old farts pretending to be sprinters whatsoever!

On the way out I got a bit lightheaded walking up the stairs and had to sit down for a bit to get my head together ... I think we trained hard enough this morning, eh Dino? I think Dino and I will have some good races at the BSSS this summer, if I can get into the same grade as him anyway. 

Tonight we're at the Mermet again doing olympic lifts. Tomorrow, recovery day. Bring it on!

We're considering doing a Thursday morning (6am-8am or similar) DISC training session over summer, if you're interested, please let me know.  It'd be $20 per head for 2 hours same as for the winter sessions we run on Sunday afternoons.

It hurt me too!

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2008-09-25 00:40
Jelly legs all day and have no energy whatsoever. Just want to sleep.

I wouldn't worry about the F200 time. They are a means to an end not an end in itself. I'm about 0.5 seconds faster in the F200's but we seem to split the match sprint results each time.


Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-09-25 01:43
Once you start to take control of the races it'll be different!

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