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Watts for free?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-10-02 10:02

Aerodynamics .. or how to go faster without really trying

Speaking with one of the lads today at the Blackburn time trial at the Yarra Boulevard, who'd just come out of a testing session in at the Monash low speed wind tunnel.  He'd done around 90 mins in it testing various configs, and as well as deciding his new super-douper aero helmet wasn't as good as he thought, he found a way to go at the same speed but use 50 watts less power to do so.

His writeup of the experience is here.

It seems Monash might be going to offer as a semi commercial thing, use of their tunnel.

Not something that's been available to 'the rest of us' at all, although a power meter and a velodrome and a good speed computer can be used as a rough wind tunnel, a proper one has been the domain of the AIS etc but not ordinary cyclists.

Stay tuned, if and when more info is available ... I'll let you know!

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