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Good News! Powertap to go ANT+Sport

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-18 23:18
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And they'll be upgrading older PT SL 2.4's to ANT+Sport too ...

From today, the good news is Saris are updating the Powertap SL 2.4's to use full ANT+Sport wireless (previously only ANT with their own propriatory protocol).  This means that you'll be able to use a PT hub with a Garmin 705, Qranium etc.  They'll be releasing an update to the older PT SL 2.4's to talk ANT+Sport 'soon'.

They've also seen some sense and got one with a steel freehub, so no more dig in.

Read about it here.

Looks like they're also throwing down the gauntet at Kurt Kinetic with an updated line of trainers.  Their older Fluid 2 is inferior to the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, I wonder how the new one will go?  I'm keen to get my hands on one for a look and a play. They do say 'the PowerBeam Pro resistance unit offers sustained resistance of over 1300W', so reading between the lines it's not a sprinters toy (1300 watts? pah!), but for enduros, maybe it's competitive with the KKRM or some of the TACX mag trainers.

In other news, Nath and I will be at DISC tonight for our first races since last summer.  No promises of any sort of form, I expect to be flat and slow, especially as I have a strength session to do this afternoon before I head out to DISC.

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