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Blackburn promo video

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-19 09:00
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Nick Bird and Eleanor Sharpe have made a film

Nick and Eleanor from Waterbyrd Filmz have just released a promo video for Blackburn.  Check it out (tip: watch the high res version) :


Compression Problems

Posted by nick at 2008-06-16 03:31
Hey Guys
Youtube have changedtheir compression so we are trying to work it out and having a few problems. The video will be back online on Friday.
As you can appreciate we want the video to look as good as possible so I am a bit of a control freak when it doesnt look as good as it should.
I release it prematurely i am afraid.
I will keep abocers informed through carl
nick bird


Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-06-19 09:01
Thanks for the re-release Nick, I've updated the link above.

compression problems

Posted by nick at 2008-06-19 22:02
As you can see the video looks terrible. Youtube should have a high res version uploaded shortly (I HOPE) usually it takes a couple of days to convert.
We have shot the film on digital betacam, which in TV terms is commercial broadcast TV equipment. Because the film moves fast, it isn't optimal for the net. But the message is still there. Blackburn is family, our president is great on camera - speaks very well, and the kids love competing, a challenge and Blackburn
I did a generic media release over the next this is the feedback

"Great Video and club program! Wish we had more programs like that here in the states."
Jon Tarkington
Executive Director
American Cycling Association

"This is a great tool and I congratulate your club for getting out there and having a crack."
Max Stevens
Executive Manager
Cycling South Australia

Simon, Brian, Alan and John have been working with the juniors for a couple of years- i think you can all agree that the talent is really starting to shine at Blackburn, it is very exciting times.

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