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Anna Meares blows everyone away

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-12 10:42
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At Revolution 3 tonight, Anna Meares was the main event, and did she deliver the goods? Yes!

Anna's ask to get to Beijing, a 11.77 flying 200.  She's coming back from a broken C2 in a fall early this year.  She's been lucky with a world cup result earlier in the year that saw her keep a chance alive despite no competition for months.

Can she do it?anna meares crosses the 200m line

A packed Vodafone Arena, drums beating, heated air to make it less dense.  She's away.  Hitting the line at full speed, 200m done in 11.189 (64.35km/h).  The crowd goes wild.  She made it look easy in the end.

anna meares and the blackburn sprintersAfterwards she has time and the grace to give a couple of starry eyed junior sprinters a photo and encouragement to follow their own dreams and aim for the sky.

There was other racing on the night, but Anna was the main event, and she showed again what a champion she is. Go Anna. Go go go!

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