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Go Monna, go Anna, gone Shane

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-06-11 22:18
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Exciting times and great champions

Monique Hanley, who was the guest speaker at the last aboc dinner, starts her defence of the Race Across America today.  Details here.

Tonight Anna Meares has her chance to get to Beijing.  She can't defend the 500m ITT she holds because it's no longer an olympic event, but she can race the sprints if she can do a flying 200 in less than 11.77s (61.172km/h).  At that time, she'd be about as quick as big Jeremy Mclay at the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series was (12.16s, on a slow outdoor track).  We'll be there to cheer her on at Revolution 3 tonight at Vodafone.

Yesterday at a closed session at DISC Shane Kelly and Ben Kersten had a race of sorts (645m ITT) to decide the final place in the mens sprint team for Beijing.  Shane Kelly was about 0.5s faster than Ben, and he is now going to his fifth Olympic games.  I've briefly met Shane and I count myself as a fan of him, he's a real gentleman of the sport and all I can say is 'top stuff, Shane' and good luck in Beijing.


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