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Hawthorn's 'Sunday Roast'

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-29 04:11
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This Sunday is HCC's first 'Sunday Roast' session

For anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of 'real enduro' trackie, Hawthorn's first Sunday Roast race session is this Sunday (1st June) from 2-5 pm, and is immediately followed by the aboc DISC training session.

I'm not sure how thoroughly HCC have publicised the racing, apart from their mailing list 'bicigaga', and a couple of posts on the Bicycle Victoria forums I haven't seen anything, but I haven't been to DISC to race since last winter, so maybe Stu et al have been publicising it there at Tuesday and Thursday night races?

You can download their PDF flyer for it here, or the full text of the PDF (bad HCC, bad! This should be available as a static page somewhere!) is copied here for your convenience :

Hawthorn CC
Present The Sunday Roast
on Wheels
When: Sundays 2-5pm (1 June – 28 September 2008)
Where: Darebin International Sports Centre (DISC)
What: Track Endurance Cycling
- Racing to suit road, criterium and track riders
of ALL levels of experience and ability.
- Distances will vary based on rider numbers
- YOU decide what races you want to ride
- YOU decide the racing format on the day
2:00pm: Warm up
2:30pm Support Grade 20km Scratch/ Points
3:00pm: Open 30-50km Points/ Madison (last weekend of the month).
4:00pm: Floor is open- Graded scratch/ points races for all riders,
Organise your own racing/ training.
Cost: $15 gets you 3 hours of PAIN.
Tim Watson 0404 109 152
Stuart Vaughan 0404 480 629
A fyxomatosis design

I hope it's a success for them, it's in an interesting time slot, following the masters training session (3 hours of DISC time for $10) and followed by our session ($20 for 2 hours, controlled and coached), so they might pick up a few riders from each session as well as the HCC hardcore trackies.  It'll be interesting to see how it ends up in terms of structure, they're claiming it's suitable for many levels of rider, which I don't think DISC is at all, no matter what sort of racing (except maybe ITT's) is being run, and the very open format is also interesting, with what looks like two grades of racing as a couple of scratch or points races over long distances.   I know the people running it (Stu and Tim) are very switched on, and they'll adapt their program as it goes to make it work for who's there.  They'll have problems if they get a big spread of abilities if they stick to two grades though, but I'm sure they'll work something out to solve that if it happens.

Maybe they'd benefit from a microsite for the series similar to the one we do for the TSSS?  Everyone loves photos and results and having them somewhere consistant is good for the racers and encourages more people to engage with and commit to the series.

Things we made sure we had for the TSSS : 1st aid people and properly well-stocked 1st aid kit.  PA, scorers, commissaires, general helpers, it's a big job to run a race series.  I wish HCC well in this endeavour. The TSSS started small but once word got out it grew well, I hope they have the same experience.



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