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First Impressions - Azzurri Primo

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-24 08:31
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I was asked to testride a new bike

On Wednesday the local Learsport/Azzurri rep came along to the LBS and showed us some bikes.  I was asked to testride the Primo, a carbon frame/Ultegra (SL?).  So today I took it for a spin.

First up I swapped off my pedals and the Powertap from my trusty '05 Trek Madone 5.2, set the saddle height and setback and off I went from the shop towards the V-Train's house to drop off a book Stu needed.  I decided to go via the Eastern Fwy path as it would make the ride a bit longer and give me a chance to see how the bike handled on some rough patches and sharp hills and corners.  First up the seatpost slipped, not a good start, but mainly my error when I set the height initially.

The bike handled the trail well enough, no twitchyness or uncertainty, the Mavic Aksium on the front didn't really impress me much, but Mavic's wheels sell well, someone must like them!  It didn't feel very lively, but it was competent and stable.  Under full torque up the little sharp rises it tracked true and the front end stayed put nicely.  It was a bit slow to respond, but not dramatically so, and certainly it rode a lot better than many other frames of the same or greater cost.

Overall, it looks reasonably good, the graphics are a bit overbearing for my taste, not as over the top as a Scott, for example, but quite loud.  But it rides above its cost, and the frame feels solid and secure.


Posted by nick at 2008-05-25 00:28
interesting your comments regarding mavic wheels. As you know my italian road bike went under the carport. As well as stuffing the frame, my lovely campag zonda's were trashed (at least the back wheel)
So after weeks of looking i bought the trek madone 5.2 (mainly for the frame build) it actaully fits me rather than the other way around. Anyway the bike handles beatifully on campag wheels, but unfortunately because of money i have got mavic wheels on my bike because i had them spare. And I would have to say comparing them to campag zonda- well you can't. For those people who think wheels don't make a difference, think again. They are everything. My Mavic wheels actually make the trek feel like a brick!!!
Can't wait until i can afford my zonda's.
Sorry Mavic this is just my opinion.


Posted by clairestevens at 2008-05-26 09:07
I agree with both of you re Mavics - I have had two sets:
1. Ksryrium Elites circa 2003 that never really span well and smooth despite numerous re-building of the hub at the shop that i got them from. In the end the bearings needed replacing so I tossed them (almost literally!)
2. Ksyrium ES 2007 on the beatiful Orbea - they are my 'training' wheels and feel like they have corners on them when compared to the Zipp 404s that I throw on for racing (not that I warrant a great pair of wheels, but they look fast :) and feel great!)
I vowed never to get another pair of mavics after the first lot, but got a deal I couldn't resist. I thought that perhaps the last wheels were a one off because so many people like them... Never again.
The Yeti has Bontrager Race Lites. I refused to put mavics on it.

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