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I can't feel my toes!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-22 21:08
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Cold ... brrrrr

Last night's ride to Chez Grace was good - I was rugged up for the milder than expected ride, just knicks, thermal and a windjacket and light beanie under the helmet and some 'batgloves' (Cannondale ones, quite good).  My good battery for the AyUps lights, and felt quite comfortable despite the generally downhill nature of the ride in to town.

But this morning ... cold and foggy at 9:30am.  Up the hill, I elected to take it very easy and ride up the Eastern Freeway trail rather than the road, which compounded the coldness, it's always colder away from builtup areas.  I'm currently regretting not having taken at least toe covers, I lost feeling in my toes by about Doncaster Rd.  Leg warmers might have been a good idea too ... C'est la Vie ...

I'm rugged up now in a 'Hugh Hef' and ugg boots (pure foot luxury!) - I'm afraid to get in to the shower though, the sharp pain of hot water on frozen feet is pretty special, and I want to warm up a bit before I get in. Rumour has it it was about 4 degrees in town this morning, and I'd believe it.

East Fwy Trail

Posted by gplama at 2008-05-23 01:01
There are pockets of cold along that trail the worst being right here right on the river, in a low dip, lots of brrrrrrrrrrr!!! :)

until bulleen rd

Posted by nick at 2008-05-23 04:52
yeah coming back on the eastern bike path until you reach bulleen road coming from doncaster is around three degrees different. i have actually worn leg warmers in summer riding that bloody path. when i used to live in doncaster and used to ride home from collingwood i would fear past bulleen road! it's freezing.
your toe story reminds me of my last modella road race where i actually got off the bike at the end of the race and had to sit in the modella toilets for around twenty minutes motionless trying to warm up and get the courage to change because my toes were so sore i couldn't move; ah is winter going to be this bad

0.7 Deg Friday

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2008-05-23 18:32
When i left for my Friday commute to work t was 0.7 Deg and got to 3.6 Deg by the time i got to Preston.

My toes felt like they were being squashed in a vice.. I have invested in Toe Warmers so fingers crossed for no problems like this on Monday!

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