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by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-15 00:09

200kg squats done

200kg fingertips

Here ends my current strength phase, and I ended up stronger than I expected, today 4 x 5 reps of 200kg partial squats.

I'm happy with that. Look how much the bar bends!

squatting 200kg

Last night's Blackburn AGM was very poorly attended (I think all up there was 12 or 13 people?).  This is pretty poor given the membership of the club is something like 150 members.  I had way more food than we needed.  Last year's AGM was reasonably well attended, but last night really was pretty disgraceful.  I think part of this is a failure of the club to communicate well enough with its members that they are part of something, not paying customers of something.  I don't know how to address it though. 

As it is I fear that the club may lose Brian Harwood, who is the current race committee chair, and by the sound of it, he is the race committee.  Anyone reading this who races and is a Blackburn member, you have an obligation to be involved.  Many of the aboc people are, but many other Blackburn members are not, and frankly, excuses are pretty lame.  The club is the sum of its members, it is not a commercial organisation which you pay once a year to run things for you and then events just happen.  That's not how it is.  Showing up on race day and racing is not enough.  If you think you can't take time off from training, or something, or skip the occasional race to help out, you're wrong. We all have an obligation to be involved, or all that training's no use, if there's no races because everyone's taking and no-one's giving anything back.

Anyway .. Nathan Larkin was elected vice president, and Alan Barnes moves on to spend more time with his young family, and the other significant change was Karen Wiggins was elected as the club captain.  The role of the club captain is to be the representative of 'the riders' at the committee, and as Karen is at just about every race riding, she's in a great position to be available to all riders who race from Blackburn and I think she'll be a real asset to the club in that role. Also Rob Monteath is the new club secretary I think, and he'll also be a fantastic part of the club executive.  I'm hoping that we can move the club onwards to do a better job of engaging our membershipo and forging closer relationships with the other clubs in the Eastern Combine.

And we got the club's formal ok to run the Summer Sprint Series on the dates I wanted, and they'll tie in neatly with the regular Saturday race program over summer.

Rant ended!

Stu Vaughan is guest coaching at DISC on Sunday, I'm going to Bonnie Doon to plant trees and ride my mountainbike for a few hours up Hurt Hill etc.


Posted by nick at 2008-05-15 03:45
Carl u know who you look like in that photo- a chinese swimmer or even Dean Lukin, you must have incredible lower back as well to lift those weights.
I think Karen will be an awesome club captain; rob will be a great secretary and it will be great for Sue to have a rest as she seems to have been doing everything. And big Nathan will be a great VP - exciting times at Blackburn I think.
I couldn't come- i went to pick up my new road bike and it was very delayed and i was sort of stuck in the city. i plan to help the club in the distance this year- but i will help

Nick Bird

Committee roles?

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2008-05-15 11:06

Nick, I'm not 10% sure of the roles of secretary etc, so am not sure how Sue's role has changed, if at all? It should hopefully all be on the BBN website soon so my vague memories and wild guesses can be shown for what they are!

hippy says

Posted by hippy at 2008-05-19 17:18
For the first time ever you might be heavier than me now :)

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