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Changing phases

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-13 02:31

I'm about to end this block of strength and work on power ...

After about 6 weeks of strength (squats, big gear starts etc) it's almost time to switch to a power phase of training.  I'm partial squatting 190kg (today, 4 x 6 @ 190kg) and will have a crack at 200kg on Thursday, then a few days off over the weekend (we're going to Bonnie Doon to plant trees and have fun on the MTB), and then it'll be a power phase for 4 weeks or so -  time to do lighter weights and high speed work.  Then a bit of recovery, and repeat the hypertrophy, strength, power cycle.  I'm doing about 6 weeks hypertrophy, 6 weeks strength and 4 weeks power at the moment, so that's around 18 weeks so about 4 months, which should drop me off at the start of the summer track season quite neatly.

I need to start doing some races at DISC on Thursday nights soon too, in little gears so I have to spin my legs off to keep up, which will help endurance (what's that?!) and also leg speed and poise on the bike.  Just .. no crashes!  DISC's a dangerous place in C and D grade ... I lost last summer because of a crash at the start of the season which pretty-much cost me the whole summer, not again!

I'm interested to see what sort of flying 100 times I can manage once I start showing up at our Sunday DISC sessions fresh, at the moment I'm doing them after a heavy weights session in the morning or mid afternoon and using a reasonably small gear (91.8"), and dead legs don't sprint too well. I'll be happy if I can get a F100 below 6.5 seconds for starters, which works out to a ~13s F200.  I'm doing 6.8's at the moment, 0.3 of a second isn't much, is it?  In the overall scheme of things it's still dead slow, but this is a long term project and I have no idea of how fast I can go yet.  It's a long way before I can put any pressure on Fast Eddie Wilson or Big J, but slow progress is progress.

Offtopic, I had an interesting chat today with David Heatley from Cycling Inform, it's good to have a bit of a chinwag, he's done a lot of good work with his riders and has a similar philosophy to the aboc way of doing things.  His website's very good, with lots of interesting articles and his riders do very well.

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