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Lifting on a Sunday

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-05-03 23:01

More weight ..

Today, 190kg partial squats. The session runs like this :

Warm up with 12 x 60kg

1 set at the previous sessions' max (in this case, 6 x 185kg), 2 mins rest then up to 190kg

4 x 6 @ 190kg with 2 minutes recovery.

Hurtees ... 190kg is heavy. Grunts and roars abound for the last couple of reps.  The neighbours must think I'm up to something very odd in the shed.

This takes about 20 minutes all up.  The warmup, loading the bar, each set takes about 2 and a half minutes (about 30 seconds under the weight).  Sitting down afterwards and trying to stop shaking...

Then I do a set of 3 x 12 benchpress with 90 seconds recovery, and then an upper body quick and dirty set of wide grip pulldowns, arm curls and narrow grip pulldowns.  I should be doing some upright rows etc, but for now that'll do.  All up, about 45-50 minutes.

This arvo we have DISC training, where the emphasis is on pedaling speed and power at the moment - we'll be doing standing 100m start efforts (strength and power) and then after a break, flying 100's in low gears (leg speed).

I hope the Blackburn crits went well down at Casey, I feel a bit bad for not going to race them, but 150km days are not on the menu for me.  It's a 45km ride there, race for an hour and warmup/warmdown, and ride back works out to about 150km, finishing with a grovel up the Boronia Rd hill.  If I was training for the warny again, I'd be doing it... But not this year!


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