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One hundred and eighty!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-04-23 23:59

So much for finding limits ...

On Tuesday I squatted 5 x 6 @ 175kg, so it was time to go up again, today, 1 x 6 @ 175kg, and attempting 4 x 6 @ 180kg.  I got them all.  In the best drunken darts commentary voice you can do ... 'One Hundred and Eighty!".  Look out Big J, in a few years I might be able to hold your wheel off the bank at DISC!

Heh ..

Off to client sites for the arvo, unfortunatly in a hurry so having to use the motorbike.  Still beats being in a car, it's a beautiful day, and riding past a servo, unleaded ... $1.53/l.  Uhuh ...

This Sunday there's no DISC session, I had to cancel it because it's the ANZAC day long weekend and most people are away anyway, and there's also Blackburns' Lang Lang road race that I'm corner marshaling at.  I'm going down there with Nick Bird, which is good - carpooling is one thing that roadies can do a lot better at to save fuel etc.  The forecast is pretty shabby, rain, hail and cold, so it'll be a day for the hard men and women of road cycling.  I was one, once!  I remember flogging myself stupid at some miserable road race down in Warrigal the week after winning(!) a long flat handicap.  It was raining heavily, freezing cold, hilly ... blown off the back in the first lap of two up a little climb the locals called The Wall ... managed to finish close to DFL, such fun!  The luxury of velodromes ...

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