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Such a waste

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-04-07 18:32
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Traffic ... people are -mad-

Last night I stayed at Rich's place, because I needed to ferry some computers around I took the motorbike.  Coming back to aboc HQ this morning, I came back up the Eastern Freeway.  From Hoddle street to Blackburn road (20km?) it was jammed solid at 8am.  I don't mean it was heavy traffic, it was a car park.  It wasn't moving. The lane reserved for cars with more than one occupant was mostly empty.

Imagine, thousands of cars, 90% of which have one person in them.  Sitting there, idling, burning fuel going nowhere.

And beside it, a bike path and a network of suburban arterial roads that are quite good on a bicycle.

So incredibly mind bogglingly stupid.

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