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Match sprint reality time

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-29 22:41
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Alan Dorin was too strong ...

First up, I'm running my Bonty wheels, 91.8" (it's not very windy and I want the extra speed).  I win the toss and lead, keeping Alan behind me, so when he jumps I can control the gap, he gets about 10 metres on me with around 1.5 laps to go, but I chase on and almost get him on the line, but not close enough - I ran out of puff with about 50m to go.  1 to Alan.  I didn't box him on the fence well enough early and had to use a lot to bridge the gap.

Second up, and I'm still cooked from round 1, it's hardly a race, Alan jumps about 1 lap in and I'm never even close .. he wins at a canter.  2 to Alan and I have a lot of homework to do before next season.

Dino rode very well, Mick Thomas will be disapointed with an accidental hook he put onto Dino that cost him his ride for 1v2, and he ended up going down to Alan Barnes in a best of three, and Dino raced Richard Hurley for 1st in MMAS3, Dino took the first one with a last lap gap on the start of the bank, Richard returned the favour in the second round, and in the third it ends up a drag race and Richard is just too fast for Dino today.  Dino gets a silver, Mick's out of the game for the club champs sprint.

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