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Cross training

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-27 15:46
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A swim?!

It's been years (I think 3?) since I've had a swim in a pool.  This morning Vanders & I jumped in for a splash in the Nunawading pool.  I don't want to be doing much in the way of long rides at the moment (it'll undo the strength work ... not permitted!) but I do need to do some aerobic exercise to try and keep my weight under control, swimming may be a good option as part of the mix.  So we had a swim...

Being quite rusty I didn't string too many laps together, and mainly did easy 50's and then some 25m sprint, 25m cruise, 30s recovery intervals and a couple of 50m 'sprints' (I wasn't really sprinting, but just going faster than a cruising pace).  I used to race at school (I think I still hold the u12 25m backstroke record! I still held it when I left school) and was coached by my dad's coach for a year or three (he was my dad's coach when he was training for the Mexico olympics! Bob Watson was his name, from memory) but apart from two years playing waterpolo when at uni (we won IV twice! and the drinking ... urghhhh, messy times), I haven't really done much swimming training since I was 16 or so.  So this was a rude shock to the body!

Vanders is doing one of those swim, ride, r*n things in a week or so so he was keen to do longer swims, but it's a baby-tri, I think the swim is 300m or something?  So he won't have any difficulty completing the swim.

And what's with being up at 5:45am?  It's -so- un-necessary!  I'm going back to sleep for a few hours ...

Blackburn club championship sprints tomorrow morning.  Will be interesting, there's some quick boys racing - and it's not like the TSSS where you get round robins, it's F200's to qualify then the top 4 are through to the finals for each age group.  My first (and last!) chance to do some match sprinting for the season, if I get into the top 4 anyway.

Sleep, yeah ...

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