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Solar power for the powerhouse

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-23 21:43
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We're going to have a solar powered light in the shed!

Yesterday I splashed out on a Jaycar solar lighting system for the aboc PowerHouse.  It'll be dark in there in winter (very soon, daylight savings ends in a few weeks) and we want to train in the evenings.  The kit is a little 5 watt solar panel, a 7AH sealed lead acid battery and a little regulator, switch and a pair of 5 watt 12 volt fluro lights.  Enough light for doing weights I think.  The problem we have to solve is how and where to put the panel, and also we need to make the cables longer without too much power loss.

Once we get this sorted, the rest of aboc HQ will get more solar power. 

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