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One lap, no wonder!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-03-16 08:43
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A quick summary of my weekend's racing

In reverse order, because that's how I remember it ...

Sunday, yours trully teamed up with Dino and Ben Schofield to ride in the team sprint at the vic club championships as the Blackburn B team.  We did a 58.something.  Not very good!  It was an interesting experience, and I'm waiting to see how Dino writes up the day (and the weekend, Dino ... you have a 'proud father' tale to tell as well as a ripper ride in the B grade scratch race on Saturday! If you don't tell it I will ...).  It was stinking hot (38 degrees?  Something mental for March anyway), everything was running hours late ... but it was still a bit of fun.  Some of the other aboc'ers did well, Cam Woolcock reports that the Hawthorn team won the masters team sprint, so they'll be pretty happy.  Mick Thomas rode well, Emily Apolito (who is an aboc'er by default) had a rather good weekend also, as did Will Thomas and Mason Austen had his first go at the team pursuit. It was good to see Adam King and some of the other TSSS riders there (Big J, Megs, Leah, Nicole, Karen, Cam and Fast Eddie) and Lisa was there to 'enjoy' the heat as well, and thanks to Bev for the ride home afterwards (mmm, air conditioned car .. luxury!).  I got a lift out to DISC with Claire, who had come over for an enduro power profile test in the morning.  The test is bloody hard, and she's improved!  Good!

Saturday ... and my knee (reconstructed in 1996) is swollen and inflexible.  I think I hurt it hyperextending it while in at the Alfred on Friday night resting it on a bed.  A good excuse!  C grade scratch, reasonably sedate, I offer to keep the pace up for Leah Patterson's benefit, and with about 5 to go I surge off the front and string the bunch out for a lap to keep it a bit safer, then that's enough and I roll out of the way.  Next up, points, I'll take the Nathan approach, and win the first sprint, and then pull the pin.  Mission accomplished.  They weren't going all that fast and I won the sprint pretty easily without really having to use full power.  Finally the motorpace, and 2 laps in my knee is saying 'no', and so do I.  Doug Reith has been making the bike go very fast for all grades, to the point where I think not a single grade (A-F) finished without 90% of the field (in some cases 100%!) being ejected.  There's some comment on this, but it's the same for everyone.  I'm hurting too much to do the all-in, which I feel bad about, but some days it just can't happen.

So that was the weekend.  Hot ... plenty of riding, or at least, plenty of being around bikes and riding and that will do! 

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