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The Trek Summer Sprint Series - vindication!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2008-02-03 16:30

We get a good field and brilliant racing!

After the first few rounds of the TSSS were poorly attended, due in no small part by my lack of promotional skills and available time to promote the series, we finally got the sort of field we wanted.  17 riders in total or 18 if you count Steve Martin, who couldn't stay for the racing but did a pretty decent F200, and this was with Dino and Rob MIA (Dino's in the USA and Rob has a new family member to look after).

We had a good spread of riders, from some classy A graders (Eddie Wilson, Jeremy Mclay, Stuart 'V-Train' Vaughan, Jamie Goddard), some beginners (Mason Austen, Megan Marsh, Shane 'The Llama' Millar, Neil Robinson, Cam 'Gerbil' Woolcock all having their first go at match sprinting), some experienced riders in John Hunt, Leah Patterson etc, too many for me to name everyone, but enough riders and a good enough spread of flying 200 times to let us have three grades with close racing across the grades.

No crashes, some very exciting races (the A grade final was just brilliant) and all the feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our race system performed well, Bev and Ann had all the entries sorted, times recorded, points tallied etc and the only delay we had was while we (I!) worked out the draw.  That's something we still need to improve and I think as fields grow we'll have to have some sort of seeding per grade to do our best to have the top qualifiers have the best chance to get to the finals.  We had (randomly!) Eddie and Jeremy racing eachother in the heats, and while it's not an elimination series it did mean that one of the two fastest A grade qualifiers did run the risk of not making it through.  I'm considering whether to have a point or 3 allocated for fastest time in grade, or just trying to make sure that the fastest two F200 riders per grade don't race eachother until finals.  That's one to think over before round 5 and suggestions are welcome.

If you want to see the photos, read the report etc, you know what to do ...

In other news, Kym Dundas is mostly unhurt after her big crash at Blackburn on Saturday, concussion and some amnesia, but she's a tough cookie and will be back.  She turned her front wheel into a taco shell, so we'll get her a Mexican cookbook, so she can learn to make buritos, enchiladas, chilli con carne ... Merv has some bone damage and we don't yet know the full extent of his injuries.

Climbing camp in 2 weeks.  No time for blogging, there's invoices to send, bills to pay and training to do!


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