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Anarchy on christmas day

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-12-25 06:35
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Or "what a beautiful bike path"

Riding home from Dad's (Baxter) to home (Vermont) I thought I'd try Eastlink before it's full of cars.  Got on it at Seaford, and a security guard found me somewhere about 5k short of Wellington Rd, where the conversation went like this :

me: "G'day!  What a beauty of a bike path"

sg: "yeah!  But, can you get off at the next exit, you're not really supposed to be on it"

me: "No worries"

and that was it, he followed me as far as the next exit, but it was a freeway intersection, and after I'd ridden up the off ramp he drove away, so I turned back and rode back to Eastlink and carried on north until I got to Wellington Road.  At that point I decided to call my mini critical mass to a halt and I rode back the rest of the way on normal roads.

Eastlink will make a great bike path once petrol hits $10/l and everyone's on a bike, and Transurban are suing the state for having the gall to not make petrol free so they can slug drivers with tolls.  Evil ..

Anyway, here's some photos for your amusement.

eastlink near seaford eastlink near seaford - carl
eastlink near dandenong carl on eastlink

Good on you Carl!

Posted by robmonteath at 2007-12-27 04:26
I really hope they open up the new Eastlink to us cyclists first before they let cars on.

So the million dollar question, it is finished yet or is there still work to do?

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