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Peak oil? 5 years to rations?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-11-21 00:16
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We had a bloke in at the LBS today, and got talking ...

How many of you take petrol for granted?  I'm guessing most. We all grew up with limitless petrol, but the reality is far from that, and just like global warming, a change is coming. This gentleman in the LBS today was over in Melb from Perth for a conference.

The conference was for this mob, The ASPO.  Amongst other things, he mentioned that there'll be petrol rationing in 5 years in Australia.  I thought it would be earlier than that, and he said that that was a conservative estimate.  Did Little Johnny or Rudd mention this? Hell no ... can't go putting reality in front of the mortgage belt voters.

Crunch time is coming.  On your bikes ...


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