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Mt Hotham, again!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-11-11 20:05

The aboc Climbing camp quickie

This isn't a proper roundup, but just a -very- quick report on the camp. 

Perfect weather, mostly.  We got a hailstorm and some rain, which those of us who went to Bright caught on the ride up, but while some thought this was bad, it did cool down the road and mean less water was needed.

Special mention to Bev and Karen, Bev got up Hotham under her own steam for the first time and Karen, who'd never climbed a big hill, got up on her first attempt.  Rob Monteath had a ball too.  Bec Domage was the QOM, and Robin won the final sprint into Bright and got the superman cape to prove it.  Jase Ellis got the top speed for the weekend, not quite 90km/h into a light headwind on the descent to Harrietville and KoM went to Brett Imberger who also rode to (and up!) Buffalo.  That's HAF!

Personally, I was (am!) in the worst climbing form of my life at the moment (since I started racing, anyway ...) and groveled up from Harrietville to the top in 3:00:57, including walking part of CRB hill.  Still, that's my 13th time up Hotham I think and not quite my slowest.  Too much sprint training and pizza makes Carl a dreadful climber!

Good feedback from everyone who went, some asked for a possible change in venue (stay in Bright, for example) but that would make it more expensive, I'm a member at Marouka which is why we can do it so cheaply ($70 for two nights *and* dinner!).   To anyone who asked to watch American Flyers, send me an email and I'll arrange for you to borrow my copy.  Next time we'll try and get a copy of Breaking Away, which is actually a good film about bikes, unlike that Costner crap! We'll also need to get a new DVD player, the one up there has carked it.

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