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Climate change? I can do that ...

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-10-04 01:47
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By riding a bike instead of driving, we can make a difference

The federal government is cheerfully spending our dollars on electioneering (surprise!), and amongst the workchoices (know where you stand; you're f*%^$d!) bull, they've tried to abrogate themselves of any responsibility for climate change, by pushing responsibility onto the general public.  That's fair enough to a certain extent - if Joe Hoon didn't buy a humvee to go shopping in, we'd all be better off, and if the people stuck in gridlock on the Eastern Freeway every morning carpooled it'd be better too, but here's one that they missed -


Seriously - every time you need to go somewhere, ask yourself "Do I need to use a car for this trip, or could I walk or ride?".  It won't just help reduce your petrol bill and car maintenance etc, it'll help, in a small way, reduce your impact on our atmosphere.

We can, and we have to, make a difference.  Howard won't, it takes unpopular and expensive things to make the required structural changes to the way we generate power and burn fuels and control population growth and neither political party with a chance of power will have the courage to say "we're going to tax CO2 out of the sky and please stop having so many kids" because that will cost everyone and the whinging will be politically catastrophic (but not half as bad as the consequences of us continuing on our merry way, relax, Johnny, by the time it matters you'll be dead, so who cares ... Man of steel?  Puppet of Bush ...).  But if you choose to ride more often, you're making a difference, and it's a heck of a lot more than swapping lightbulbs.

UPDATE This is only funny because it's so true :


My pet hate

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2007-10-04 02:51
Parents who drive their kids two blocks to school because they are too lazy to walk with them (if they're little kids) or let the kids walk alone (for bigger kids.

I have been called irresponsible for letting Emily walk the 15 minutes to school (she's 11 going on 12)by parents in 4WDs who see no harm in chatting on their phones while driving or speeding through residential areas. To say nothing of the damage such needless car trips do to the environment.

Pisses me off big time. Why do these trucks masquerading as passenger vehicles get tax breaks?

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