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Car free to get to the velodrome!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-09-23 08:35
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Today the Trek 7.2FX became a tow bike

I haven't had time yet to write up a report on Trekworld or finish my '08 Madone review, but that'll be this week, I promise.  After yesterday's DFL in the eastern combine club champs road race (results here) and struggling to maintain 150 watts on the flat(!) I woke up today with the explanation - it's either a pretty wicked cold, or the 'flu. I was always going to come last, but I expected to be able to hold on until the hills. Nope!  Slept in for a while, watched Dr Who episodes, blew my nose, coughed, blew my nose again, then decided I could at least do something with the day.  So I cadged a lift with Vanders to Cycle Science and I put together the rest of my tow bike and used the shop rags as nose-goblin catchers.

trek 7.2 fx tow bikeThe tow bike is a 20" Trek 7.2 FX, with a trailer and pannier rack (and the suspension seatpost removed!  urgh ... get rid of it!).  You can see the final product.  A gallery is here and Vanders is the model posing with the bikes.  At speed it's quite unstable, the instructions on the trailer say 'no more than 10m/h' which is about 16km/h.  I had it at around 25km/h before the tail started to wag.  Ok, we'll take it easy on this rig.  It's only to get the bike and my kit to Blackburn for summer track races, which is only 5km away, but is quite hilly, so the triple on the 7.2FX will get used.  Who needs a car?!

I'm going back to bed to watch more Dr Who and submarine videos, until the codeine kicks in and I get to sleep!

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