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Crib Point - who's riding with me?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-09-07 20:19
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I'm off to a flat roadrace on Saturday - who wants a domestique?

In my current state of fitness (read - fat bastard!) I'm not a contender for a win or even likely to finish well, but I'll be racing Crib Point on Saturday in B grade, and am offering my services as a chase monkey or leadout (if I make it that far) to a B grade aboc'er, if any of you are coming.  I'm riding down there from Vermont, but getting a lift home, if anyone wants to ride down there with me, that would be good too.

Tonight, DISC for a tootle around.  Still a bit flat from sprint work on Tues afternoon chasing Pat on the motorbike at Blackburn, but we'll see ...


UPDATE : this is the way I'm riding there

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