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Track cranks - not 1900s anymore?

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-08-06 22:33
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From the 'old news but I just found out about it' file', SRAM/Truvativ's new Track cranks...

For some time I've been unimpressed by the stock Bontrager branded Truvativ cranks supplied on my Trek T1 track bike - they're not track cranks, they're short (165mm) road cranks.  This is probably because the T1, as shipped, isn't really a track bike - it's a track frame but comes with road bits for singlespeed road use.  Versatile, but that's not what I got it for.  They do, at least, have outboard bearings which helps stiffen up the bottom bracket area.

I've been looking for a decent set of track cranks for a while, Sugino and Shimano are still using old-school bottom brackets with square tapers.  No thanks.  My roadies have gone way past that, why hasn't track?  Luddites ... anyway ...

Nath suggested I check out the SRAM/Truvativ 'Omnium' cranks.  Seen at Interbike in '06 it would seem, as is shown here on bikehugger's blog and also seen at Monza's trade show last month (where was my invite Pete?!)  Nice ... So I'm trying to track down a set in Oz.  Rumour has it they're here already in Oz, but our wholesaler (Monza) says 'September'. Nothing on SRAM's website at the moment so I can't tease anyone with any more photos or details, but they sure do look the part.

UPDATE: These will ship from Monza on Sept 1st, and RRP is ~$400 without the GXP bottom bracket. There will be some Uber-flash ceramic bearing variant of the GXP BB for these, but I'll stick with steel bearings I think.




That's Funny

Posted by nick at 2007-08-09 10:24
That's funny because the exact same thing has happened to me with my Bianci. Basically everytime I would go to change the chain ring it was quite a production because the ring sat on the inside. It was terrible. Now I have suginos ( i think that's what they are called) they are fantastic

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