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summer sprint series - we have a sponsor!

by Carl Brewer last modified 2007-06-20 20:42
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Trek Australia are going to be a part of the Summer Sprint Series

Some excellent news - James Collins from Trek Australia has confirmed that Trek will support the Summer Sprint Series.  I'm thrilled to be able to let everyone know this. We don't have the details sorted yet, but they are enthusiastic and having them as a major sponsor is a really big step for the series.

As such, here's the text of my latest correspondance with Blackburn - nothing here is confidential that I'm aware of :

G'day Nicko and Brian ,
A headsup and progress report on the summer sprint series.

Further to your (Nicko) approval verbally given to me a few months ago, I have organised a title sponsor for the series - Trek Australia, who will provide prizes for series aggregate winners similar to the Inexa series that have run in the past at CCCC and also I believe, BBN track races.

I have also begun low level promotion of the series through coaches and people I know at DISC on Thursdays etc.  The format of the racing will pretty-much limit participants to at most 30 riders I think - with either complete or partial round-robins (I want everyone to get at least 3 races no matter what).

Can I have the club's permission name the series this :

The Trek Summer Sprint Series presented by the Blackburn Cycling Club and aboc Cycle Coaching

If you can approve that for me ASAP, I'll do up some flyers for it and start to promote it a bit more seriously.

I would also like to request from the club a commissaire be present for each day - we're going to run this every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from November through to March, so that's a total of 10 days racing (baring weather or other circumstances).  Racing will commence at 12 with flying 200s, and then starting at 1pm, graded match sprints.  I haven't yet worked out a final points system or the best way to structure the grades and round robin/partial round robin system, but that won't be too hard, and I hope that Rowan Geddes will assist me in that side of things when he gets back from his holiday.  We will support the club commissaire with at least a free lunch and drinks.

We'll see what else we can do to support the people who assist, which will mostly be sourced from aboc people I think. They're highly motivated to make the series a winner.

So to proceed I need from the club permission to use the name suggested above, permission to the velodrome on Sunday afternoons and a commissaire once a fortnight.  I expect the club will want to review the proposed format for these races when I have them a bit more sorted, which I hope to have done in a few weeks.  I would also hope that the club would recognise volunteers who assist with the running of this series and not double-schedule them - ie: they get helping at this counted towards their overall contribution to the club and that be considered with rostering for other club events.




Trek and BSS ...

Posted by Carl Brewer at 2007-06-21 12:30
Nicko's suggested that we may not be able to have Trek as a sponsor because Bicycle SuperStore don't carry Trek. BSS is a major sponsor of Blackburn. There'll be a way around this issue ...

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